Thursday, January 30, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

Flower With Background Mini Canvas

Here's another mini canvas with a new attempt at an alcohol floral painting. The canvas is covered with white acrylic paint. I let it dry.

I spread Alcohol Blending Solution on the canvas. I put three dots of color and solution on a rectangular felt applicator and pressed it into the canvas. I sprayed it lightly with canned air.
I followed that with a circular felt applicator and using a circular motion pressed it into the canvas and sprayed it with canned air. I let the canvas dry for a few days.

I tried for a flower shape over the background print on the canvas. I dropped dots of red ink and blew each one with the canned air lightly.
I placed a bit of orange alcohol ink on a palette and picked it up with a small paint brush, dotting the center of the floral form until it had a bumpy shape in the middle something like a floral stigma.

Knowing that I had trouble (not enough strength in my fingers) spraying my last floral canvas with Kamar and Gloss Spray with UV, I asked my husband to spray the first can of Kamar 3 times with at 30 minute intervals. I waited a day and then my husband sprayed the can of Gloss once. Kamar actually brought out the colors nicely!


Winter in the City Card
Here's my card using Daisy Do All Winter Wonderland  digi stamp. I colored this sweet stamp using Copic Markers.

I placed the colored digi stamp in the Craft Artist Program, where I combined it with elements from the Craft Scapes Manhattan Winter Digikit.

Check the following links for more wonderful images:


Monday, January 13, 2020

Alcohol Flower Canvas

I couldn't wait to post this! This was so fun! I covered another mini canvas with white acrylic paint to prime it. I dropped alcohol blending solution on the canvas and then 3 colors of alcohol ink and added more blending solution. I let it dry and sprayed the usual Krylon Kamar Varnish and then Krylon Gloss spray with UV. I did a couple of passes of each letting it dry between passes. Well on my last pass over the canvas, I got carried away an sprayed the gloss too close and too much. But I love what happened, the ink got wet and moved! Kamar Varnish is supposed to keep the inks in place! I don't know if you can see them, I see flowers!


Mixed Media Madness Canvas

I am continuing my alcohol ink journey. Here I have an old mini canvas that had a collage of numerous mix media supplies on it including gesso, gel medium and glass bead glitter.
I painted over the canvas with white acrylic paint and after it dried I played with alcohol ink and blending solution over the top.
After the canvas dried I sprayed Krylon Kamar Varnish and then a day or so later I sprayed Krylon gloss spray with UV.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Alcohol Ink Fun Part 3

Here I am using my second alcohol inked Yupo paper to transfer a stamped image to another surface leaving a ghost image. 
I used Lift-Ink on a clean butterfly stamp and stamped directly over the alcohol inked paper. I cut out the butterfly that was stamped on the inked paper.

The Lift-Ink lifted the colors from the paper. Then I stamped on a white card stock transfering the butterfly now colored onto the white paper.
To reveal the ghost image I waited a short time. Then I gently dabbed a clean paper towel to buff the surface removing the residual ink. Dabbing gently is important, my first try came out blurry. Do not rush the process! That's why the design is smaller and there are two butterflies instead of one to cut out! I messed up at first and tried problem I love what I came up with! It's a smaller card than I planned, but no less lovely!

I enjoyed bringing these posts to you, come back and see what I do next time!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Alcohol Ink Fun Part 2

For my next experiment in alcohol inks, I taped my first card down to my technique mat, and taped a stencil on top.
I worked Ranger Alcohol Lift-Ink (refill bottle) on a dauber into the foam dauber top on my mat.

I chose to rub out some of the stencil flower with the Lift-Ink dauber.

I removed the stencil and rubbed the paper with a soft paper towel.
Now you can see the ghost flower peeking thru the flower garden. I added a purple butterfly stamp in Stazon ink for added interest. I finished off this design with a frame card and added purple butterflies to bring out the color in the alcohol ink design.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Fun With Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Blending Solution

I love playing with my alcohol inks and experimenting on Yupo Paper (a smooth, synthetic surface that resists buckling and dries quickly). 

For this experiment I used:
Ranger Alcohol Inks:
Botanical, Amethyst and Watermelon
Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Canned Air
Applicator with felt attached

I cut a 5x7" sheet of Yupo Paper in half and spread the Alcohol Blending Solution on one half. I placed a dot of each color on the felt and added a dot or two of the blending solution. I pressed the applicator down all over the wet paper and followed that with light sprays of canned air. I loaded the applicator and again and pressed it all over the paper. I ended with the canned air.

Without changing the felt for a fresh one, I followed the same routine on the second half of the paper.

I loved the muddied look of the second paper contrasting the light almost garden look of the first paper.

Come back again to find out what I do with these to inked papers.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Cinch Calendar for 2020

I so enjoyed using my Heidi Swapp Cinch Binder Tool. When I saw that there was a kit to make a wall calendar, I couldn't wait to get it to begin making it.

This calendar was the perfect Christmas gift for my son to use in his new office. Each page was a new challenge to design one of twelve months. I used both printed paper and card stock and stickers too. I made die cuts using my Cricut Machine and the Cuttlebug Machine.

It took sometime to finish, along with a mistake or two, but I love the final resulting calendar.


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tile Coasters and More Tile Coasters!

Glossy tiles colored with three colors of Sharpie Markers and then drops of rubbing alcohol

My journey into alcohol inks and ceramic tiles began with Sharpie Markers and rubbing alcohol. Then I got a lovely colorful birthday card in the mail. I asked the sender how it was done and my journey continued into using these wonderful bright alcohol inks.

My friend suggested I use the remaining tumbled tiles in my stash, to play with alcohol inks. They aren't the glossy white like what I used with the Sharpies. Not only did I have these tiles but I have a collection of small bottles of alcohol inks (mostly unused). I applied Alcohol Blending Solution on the tiles using an applicator and then dropped Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks on them. I watched as the drops moved from the alcohol and was amazed at the lovely abstract designs.

Tumbled tiles with Ranger Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Blending Solution
After the tiles were dry over night I glued felt squares to the back. Now, I'm so excited about using these little bottles of ink, that I have plans to increase my collection and buy more. I even plan to get the special paper to use with the ink and design a new style of cards. So come back and see what I do next!