Saturday, January 11, 2020

Alcohol Ink Fun Part 3

Here I am using my second alcohol inked Yupo paper to transfer a stamped image to another surface leaving a ghost image. 
I used Lift-Ink on a clean butterfly stamp and stamped directly over the alcohol inked paper. I cut out the butterfly that was stamped on the inked paper.

The Lift-Ink lifted the colors from the paper. Then I stamped on a white card stock transfering the butterfly now colored onto the white paper.
To reveal the ghost image I waited a short time. Then I gently dabbed a clean paper towel to buff the surface removing the residual ink. Dabbing gently is important, my first try came out blurry. Do not rush the process! That's why the design is smaller and there are two butterflies instead of one to cut out! I messed up at first and tried problem I love what I came up with! It's a smaller card than I planned, but no less lovely!

I enjoyed bringing these posts to you, come back and see what I do next time!

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