Friday, January 17, 2020

Flower With Background Mini Canvas

Here's another mini canvas with a new attempt at an alcohol floral painting. The canvas is covered with white acrylic paint. I let it dry.

I spread Alcohol Blending Solution on the canvas. I put three dots of color and solution on a rectangular felt applicator and pressed it into the canvas. I sprayed it lightly with canned air.
I followed that with a circular felt applicator and using a circular motion pressed it into the canvas and sprayed it with canned air. I let the canvas dry for a few days.

I tried for a flower shape over the background print on the canvas. I dropped dots of red ink and blew each one with the canned air lightly.
I placed a bit of orange alcohol ink on a palette and picked it up with a small paint brush, dotting the center of the floral form until it had a bumpy shape in the middle something like a floral stigma.

Knowing that I had trouble (not enough strength in my fingers) spraying my last floral canvas with Kamar and Gloss Spray with UV, I asked my husband to spray the first can of Kamar 3 times with at 30 minute intervals. I waited a day and then my husband sprayed the can of Gloss once. Kamar actually brought out the colors nicely!



Chrissy said...

Looks wonderful Carla..I love playing with my inks too, so relaxing and you never know what you are going to get..


cohenna said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for participating in Angie's Digital Stamps Challenge this time and good luck :)