Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Fun With Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Blending Solution

I love playing with my alcohol inks and experimenting on Yupo Paper (a smooth, synthetic surface that resists buckling and dries quickly). 

For this experiment I used:
Ranger Alcohol Inks:
Botanical, Amethyst and Watermelon
Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Canned Air
Applicator with felt attached

I cut a 5x7" sheet of Yupo Paper in half and spread the Alcohol Blending Solution on one half. I placed a dot of each color on the felt and added a dot or two of the blending solution. I pressed the applicator down all over the wet paper and followed that with light sprays of canned air. I loaded the applicator and again and pressed it all over the paper. I ended with the canned air.

Without changing the felt for a fresh one, I followed the same routine on the second half of the paper.

I loved the muddied look of the second paper contrasting the light almost garden look of the first paper.

Come back again to find out what I do with these to inked papers.

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Love creating ♥️ said...

O! This is beautiful! And the technique is quite easy! Can't wait to see more Carla💗🧡💛