Friday, August 29, 2014

A Tribute to a Dearly Departed Family Member

Photo: Where my dog at?!?
R.est I.n P.iece  buddy,

 The following story was written in 2003, when I worked for the News Tribune, when Moose came to live with us.
Moose, A Dog’s Profile
I had never written a dog story before but, since “Moose” is now considered the family dog, it’s time to tell his tale!
The story begins when our sons, Ian and Gordon were young boys. One morning while our younger son Ian, was waiting for the bus to school, a large yellow labrador retriever came up to him. Friendly fellow that Ian is, he quickly made friends with this new four-legged fellow. The bus came and Ian got on after saying goodbye to his new friend. He thought no more about the dog until the next morning when, at the corner, there he was, the same yellow lab. Ian was happy to see his new friend and said goodbye before climbing the bus steps. But, this time the yellow lab decided to go to school with Ian and followed him onto the bus. So, Ian had to lead him back off the bus! After that each morning Ian met the dog which kept him company while waiting for the bus and Ian would make sure that the dog didn’t follow him onto the bus. A short time went by and this four-legged friend began to meet Ian after school at that same bus stop. Ian found out that the dog’s owner lived around the block from our house. Each afternoon Ian brought the dog back to his home. The dog’s name was “Moose” and Ian always said, “ when I grow up, I want a dog just like “Moose” and I’ll name him “Moose.” Years later we all left New York State behind and moved to the sunshine of Florida. In a place that rescues dogs in Daytona Beach, Ian found our current family member “Moose.” “Moose” looks a lot like that dog of Ian’s childhood and he’s a great dog!

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