Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Casements, Ormond Beach, Fl.

Color sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Zuri Artsy crafty and card by Carla Brooke
The clinking of the champagne glasses and he murmur of the party goers echoed across the still waters of the Halifax River. Time went by and with the decades came people, highways, bridges and more people. If buildings could talk, the “cottage,” now called “The Casements,” located in Ormond Beach (near the Ormond Memorial Gardens), would have some great stories to tell. The Casements, named for the large hand-cut casement windows that adorn the mansion, has been beautifully restored to function as the Cultural Center for the City of Ormond Beach, Florida. Set on the shore of the Halifax River, and just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, the late John D. Rockefeller's winter home is known as "The Jewel of Ormond Beach."
Color sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Zuri Artsy crafty and card by Carla Brooke
 Reverend Harwood Hunting built the Casements in the early 1900s for his wife, the daughter of Mr. Goodhue, manufacturer of the Pullman automobile. Standard Oil billionaire, John D. Rockefeller purchased the house in 1918 and lived there during the winters until his death in 1937 at the age of 97. The building gets its unusual name from the charming casement windows, which face out onto the Halifax River.
Color sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Mo's Digital Pencil and card by Carla Brooke
Life for Rockefeller consisted of golf, riding in his chauffeured car, and attending concerts at the Ormond Hotel, which was right across the street from the Casements. Rockefeller attended the Ormond street fairs where he passed out dimes to children and adults. He started with nickels but his pockets became to full and heavy with the change. Rockefeller entertained celebrities either at the Casements or on the golf course. Will Rogers, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Sir Malcolm Campbell, the British race driver; were among his invited guests. Campbell drove his racecar on Daytona Beach in 1932 at 253 miles per hour, carrying a Rockefeller dime for good luck. Rockefeller was interested in the races held on beaches at Ormond and Daytona and watched from his car. He was delighted when Henry Ford gave him the first Ford V-8 to come off the assembly line in 1931. Rockefeller’s winter sojourn included his annual Christmas party attended by friends and neighbors. His activities were curtailed in 1932 due to poor health, but continues to reside in Ormond until his death.
In 1941, the Casements was sold to Maud Van Woy. She enlarged it and added a building on the south side for students of her Junior College for Young Women. She sold it in 1951 to the Fellowship Foundation for $150,000. The foundation intended to use it, along with its Ormond Hotel, for a fellowship center and room and board for transient guests. The venture failed in 1953. Lavin-Johnson bought The Casements in 1959 for $100,000, and later that year sold it for $128,000 to Ormond Hotel Casements, Inc., which had already bought the Ormond Hotel. A 180-unit condominium was proposed for the property in 1971, but a seven-year fight by local citizens defeated that project.
The Casements was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 30, 1972, and was purchased by the city in 1973 for $500,000. On December 7, 1979, it was dedicated as The Ormond Beach Community Enrichment Center. The Casements houses displays of Rockefeller memorabilia, plus exhibits on early local history, Boy Scouting and a collection of Hungarian festival costumes and artifacts..
Color sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Polkadoodles and card by Carla Brooke
 The Casements is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 10:00a.m. to 3:30p.m., and Saturday from 10:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. The Casements hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Operation Write Home, a Reminder

I'm always designing new cards and learning new techniques. But along with each of these new techniques, comes dozens of homemade cards! So what do you do with all these small pieces of art?

I can give some with gifts or even as gifts to relatives and friends, but then there are way too many that could surely be put to good use. Some time ago, I found Operation Write Home or OWH for short. Basically, American crafters throughout the country make cards, then send them to a shipper who packages them and sends them to our nation's armed forces overseas. These men and women use them to write home to their relatives and friends. The handmade cards are blank inside. The cards can be use for birthdays, holidays or general greetings, and all can be put into service to help our people far from home communicate with their relatives and friends at home. This organization takes A2 cards. Please check the website for additional guideline.

  What a great idea. For information on this cause, go to:


Bundle your cards off to our service men and women. Check information on the website for Operation Write Home.

Please note that if you have sent in your card donations in the past, the address has changed to just one in Washington. Please check out the blog for the latest information.

If you are designing Christmas cards to be used by our service men and women, they must be sent to the shipper by Oct. 31 at the latest. For early delivery send your cards by October 10th. You will need to start early to make this deadline and so this post is meant to be a reminder, that our people in uniform enjoy sending handmade cards home and are waiting for yours. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Tribute to a Dearly Departed Family Member

Photo: Where my dog at?!?
R.est I.n P.iece  buddy,

 The following story was written in 2003, when I worked for the News Tribune, when Moose came to live with us.
Moose, A Dog’s Profile
I had never written a dog story before but, since “Moose” is now considered the family dog, it’s time to tell his tale!
The story begins when our sons, Ian and Gordon were young boys. One morning while our younger son Ian, was waiting for the bus to school, a large yellow labrador retriever came up to him. Friendly fellow that Ian is, he quickly made friends with this new four-legged fellow. The bus came and Ian got on after saying goodbye to his new friend. He thought no more about the dog until the next morning when, at the corner, there he was, the same yellow lab. Ian was happy to see his new friend and said goodbye before climbing the bus steps. But, this time the yellow lab decided to go to school with Ian and followed him onto the bus. So, Ian had to lead him back off the bus! After that each morning Ian met the dog which kept him company while waiting for the bus and Ian would make sure that the dog didn’t follow him onto the bus. A short time went by and this four-legged friend began to meet Ian after school at that same bus stop. Ian found out that the dog’s owner lived around the block from our house. Each afternoon Ian brought the dog back to his home. The dog’s name was “Moose” and Ian always said, “ when I grow up, I want a dog just like “Moose” and I’ll name him “Moose.” Years later we all left New York State behind and moved to the sunshine of Florida. In a place that rescues dogs in Daytona Beach, Ian found our current family member “Moose.” “Moose” looks a lot like that dog of Ian’s childhood and he’s a great dog!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Masculine Lighthouse Birthday Card: Published

I just found out that this card has recently been Published in Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!
Next month is my husband's birthday. This guy is truly my best friend and partner in this journey called life. Two years ago I was going through a very scary health issue and my husband Sandy was there every minute to help with the decisions, surgery and recuperation. He had to put up with my tears and moods too. I'm fine by the way, but will continue to be monitored by my wonderful doctor at the Mayo in Jacksonville, Florida.

I wanted to make my husband Sandy a very special birthday card.

Dreamweaver Stencil - LG665
Stamping Detail -Rubber Mat (not the same as thin mat used for cutting with Spellbinder dies)
Marvy watercolor markers
Stencil brushes
Scrap paper
Removable tape

Direction for using the heavier larger Dreamweaver Stencils in the Cuttlebug:

1. Place stencil on acrylic plate using removable tape to hold in place. I bought new "B" plate and reserve them just for embossing. A set of 2 were on sale recently at Michaels. My old ones were very warped and might have ruined both my machine and the new stencils.

2. Place paper over the stencil and tape using removable tape.

3. Place Stamping Details rubber mat on top of your paper.

4. Place scrap paper as a shim on top of rubber mat.

5. Sandwich with the other "B" plate.

6.Place on the thick spacer plate.

7. Run through and emboss!

Stencil taped to paper to go through Cuttlebug. Blue tape was used to show, but the tape doesn't release easily!

Layers ready to go through the Cuttlebug

Going through the Cuttlebug

Embossed lighthouse after going through Cuttlebug

Stencil and embossed design

Stencil ready for color to be added
Stenciling in the colors with special stencil brushes and marker colors from the palette 

Stencil and finished lighthouse design

Finished stenciling 

Finished outside of card

Letters cut on my Cricut using my Gypsy and then glued inside the card.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun in the Sun at Flagler Beach, Florida

Photo sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Mo's Digital Pencil and card by Carla Brooke
It’s summer and it’s time to hit the beach. Just one and a half hours from Orlando, is the seaside town of Flagler Beach. The town is on an island bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the wetlands of the Interacoast Waterway.These unspoiled beaches are easily accessible located as they are; 68 miles south of Jacksonville, 31 miles south of historic St. Augustine, and 20 miles north of Daytona Beach. Few tourists traveling on I-95 realize the treasure that they are passing up. Nineteen miles of unique red sand beaches, virtually traffic-free, with unlimited access are waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveler. The red coloration of the sand is derived from the coquina formed from seashells.
Photo sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Mo's Digital Pencil and card by Carla Brooke
There is an 800-foot pier to tempt fishermen of all ages and skills. Some 46 varieties of fish may be landed from the 25-ft. deep waters that the wharf accesses. There is a bait shop at the foot of the pier where you can rent fishing gear and purchase bait and supplies. Eateries, gift shops and galleries are located along scenic A1A.
For young people who still find it exciting to risk life and limb there is a new skate park located near the beach. This exciting complex was built by the county and is situated at Wadsworth Park. It is on the North side of SR 100 just ½ mile West of the Flagler Beach Bridge.
The Intracoastal Waterway, constructed in 1890 helped to attract fisherman and permanent residents, with its wide, deep-water channel through the wetlands and marshes. Here they discovered plentiful wildlife; including crabs, tarpon, bass, manatees and dolphins. Flying overhead and wading in the shallows are numerous herons and egrets.
The community was originally called Ocean City and the first homes were built in 1913. The beachside community began to grow, with the addition of a general store and the Ocean City Post Office. The beach proved popular with campers, sun worshipers, fishermen and later with surfers. In 1923, the United States Post Office declared “Flagler Beach” its official name. At the Flagler Beach Museum, vintage photographs and artifacts gathered from pioneer families illustrating the area’s history. This museum is located at 207 South Central Avenue, Flagler Beach 32136. The museum hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Sunday and the First Friday of each month 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.. For more information and holiday hours call 386 517-2025.
Although located in one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, Flagler Beach in Flagler County has managed to retain its small town atmosphere. Holidays in this town are usually celebrated with much flair and fanfare. The town celebrated July 4th with a parade in the morning and in the evening a colorful fireworks display over the ocean, just beyond the pier. This exciting presentation was enjoyed from the boardwalk alongside the dunes of the beach.  For information on upcoming events call the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce at 386 437-0106.
Photo sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Sassy Cheryl and card by Carla Brooke
Photo sketch by Sandy Brooke, Digital Image by Mo's Digital Pencil and card by Carla Brooke

Nearby in Palm Coast, public-spirited volunteers in partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are constructing the new Florida Agricultural Museum in a desire to educate the public about Florida’s agricultural past and future. The museum promises to be the state’s largest living history museum, to house and display artifacts collected from across Florida.  Here, in the future visitors will view the beginnings of farm technology and large-scale production of agricultural products. The Florida Agricultural Museum is located at 1850 Princess Place Road, Palm Coast, Florida 32137. 
A trip to Flagler County, Florida is fun in the sun and more!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Memorial Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida, where the Fairies are!

I am willing to bet you didn't know that fairies live in husband and I went on a photo shoot to a local gardens and there they were just hanging about!

The Memorial Gardens, is a lush, tropical rainforest nestled into the heart of the Ormond Beach adjoining the Ormond Beach Art Museum. It features native and exotic plants, water features, and a gazebo. The Gardens contain five ponds that are home to numerous turtles, frogs and fish. Aquatic plants such as water lilies and water lettuces offer food, shade and natural cleansing within the ponds. Plants such as papyrus, bananas, ginger lilies and wild flowers, which flourish near the three ponds that were formed by natural depressions.

Belgian-trained Chicago landscape architect, Henry Stockman designed the gardens in the 1940s, which feature both manicured landscape and natural areas. Many weddings have been held in this magnificent setting. The Gardens are situated on approximately 2.5 acres at the southeast corner of Granada Boulevard between Seton Trail and Halifax Drive.

Actually these lovely fairies are from the My Craft Studio, Midsummer Garden CD. The disc came with the 2nd addition of My Craft Studio Academy Magazine. I put the fairies from My Craft Studio into Craft Artist 2 along with my husbands great photo sketched shots!
Then there was this one tourist, who could not find his way out of the gardens! 
This sweet little fellow is a digital stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ocean Walk, Daytona Beach, Florida

Recently, my husband Sandy and I went to Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach. He took pictures for my new series of cards and we lunched at Johnny Rocket! Of course I went off my self imposed diet and had a wonderful cheeseburger and sweet potato fries! I also ate some of Sandy's cheese fries (I was bad that day). The waiters did a fun line dance to an old rock tune, that was adorable! They have nickel machines at each table to play rock music from back in the day, but only the ones at the counter work. It was fun. This story is illustrated by those cards, made from the pictures that Sandy took that day and sketched with his camera and I added digital images to. Now, that's fun too!

Ocean Walk Shoppes and Movies boasts something for the whole family to enjoy! From its bold, geometric shapes and electrifying colors, to its picturesque setting next to the historic Bandshell on the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean Walk Shoppes and Movies offer a unique dining, shopping and entertainment experiences in Daytona Beach. You can come to play and stay all day! Ocean Walk Shoppes features a family friendly retail center with recognizable tenants like Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Johnny Rocket's, Sloppy Joe's, Ker's WingHouse, Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, Quizno's, Sunglass Hut and Maui Nix Surf Shop.

Ocean Walk is near numerous Daytona Beach hotels and condominiums, which front on to the incredible beach, where you can enjoy a host of amenities and a spectacular entertainment.
 You'll find shops, restaurants and movies just steps away from several upscale Daytona Beach resorts. You can stay at the area's only traffic-free beach and enjoy an array of outdoor activities.

Set against balmy breezes and anchored by 23 miles of clean, hard-packed white sand, Daytona Beach is known as the World’s Most Famous Beach. Daytona Beach is internationally known for its racing roots, hosting some of the largest motorsports events in the world including the Daytona 500, as known as the "Great American Race."

Tourists and residents treasure Daytona Beach southern hospitality. The residents and millions of visitors enjoy moderate weather, exceptional recreational activities, an active arts community and, the family-friendly beaches.

The climate in Daytona Beach ideal. The area enjoys mild, year-round temperatures which range from an average of 59.3F (20.6C) in the winter to an average temperature of 78.5F (30.4C) in the summer.

So if you enjoy watching a fast-paced sporting event, a stroll on the beach, or somewhere in between, Daytona Beach can accommodate many different speeds and lifestyles.

Digital images are from Sassy Cheryl and also from Mo's Digital Pencil. Backgrounds are by Sandy Brooke.