Thursday, August 21, 2014

Masculine Lighthouse Birthday Card: Published

I just found out that this card has recently been Published in Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine!
Next month is my husband's birthday. This guy is truly my best friend and partner in this journey called life. Two years ago I was going through a very scary health issue and my husband Sandy was there every minute to help with the decisions, surgery and recuperation. He had to put up with my tears and moods too. I'm fine by the way, but will continue to be monitored by my wonderful doctor at the Mayo in Jacksonville, Florida.

I wanted to make my husband Sandy a very special birthday card.

Dreamweaver Stencil - LG665
Stamping Detail -Rubber Mat (not the same as thin mat used for cutting with Spellbinder dies)
Marvy watercolor markers
Stencil brushes
Scrap paper
Removable tape

Direction for using the heavier larger Dreamweaver Stencils in the Cuttlebug:

1. Place stencil on acrylic plate using removable tape to hold in place. I bought new "B" plate and reserve them just for embossing. A set of 2 were on sale recently at Michaels. My old ones were very warped and might have ruined both my machine and the new stencils.

2. Place paper over the stencil and tape using removable tape.

3. Place Stamping Details rubber mat on top of your paper.

4. Place scrap paper as a shim on top of rubber mat.

5. Sandwich with the other "B" plate.

6.Place on the thick spacer plate.

7. Run through and emboss!

Stencil taped to paper to go through Cuttlebug. Blue tape was used to show, but the tape doesn't release easily!

Layers ready to go through the Cuttlebug

Going through the Cuttlebug

Embossed lighthouse after going through Cuttlebug

Stencil and embossed design

Stencil ready for color to be added
Stenciling in the colors with special stencil brushes and marker colors from the palette 

Stencil and finished lighthouse design

Finished stenciling 

Finished outside of card

Letters cut on my Cricut using my Gypsy and then glued inside the card.


Lindsay Weirich said...

lovely effect Carla!

Ana Love Craft said...

Amazing project! Your card looks gorgeous! Love lighthouses!
Have a fabulous week!
Hugs and love from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Crafts a la Mode said...

You are amazing!! I love all your cards but this one is special. Thanks for sharing. Linda

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

It's so nice to have a masculine card, they are so hard to come up with sometimes because making things frilly, and flowery is so much more fun. This is great! Thanks for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party.