Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stamped Water Color Painting

I love to work on water color paintings. Using art Impressions stamps, I get passed the drawing into the painting. For this I used the following stamps and supplies:
  1. Art Impressions stamps: U-1917 and UM 3521
  2. Marvey Uchida Le Plume 11 Markers
  3. 140 lb. cold press water color paper
  4. Water Brush
  5. White plastic palette
  6. Winsor and Newton colorless art masking fluid for water color
  7. Pink rubber eraser
Using Marvy Marker #40- brownish grey, ink the back of the U-1917 stamp and stamp the image on your paper. Allow to dry.

Apply liquid mask to window frame, to save the white and let dry.
Now for the color. On the palette mix a wash of #45 Sepia with the water from the brush and paint across the window glass. Leave lots of highlights.
Ink the back the flower pot from the UM 3521 set and stamp it next to the steps filling in the space.
Remove the Liquid Mask by rubbing the pink eraser across the unwanted mask.
Complete pots by stamping greenery with "Foliage" from the UM-3521 set.
Use the palette to put bits of color from the markers and pick the color up with the water filled brush. Remember to leave white areas of highlights. Try deciding where the light is coming from. My light comes from the right and so my darker colors are on the left.

Trim and mount on a colored background and adhere to a card base. Sign your name and date your work. Well done!
For detailed instructions check the "Watercolor the Art Impressions way!" The book uses many of the scenic stamps the company puts out.


Ronni Howard said...

AS ALWAYS your work and blog are outstanding!R Howard

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carla! Beautiful stamping and watercoloring!

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Hi Carla, I'm visiting from Bloom Designs Online. These are so beautiful! Worthy of framing for sure. The porch reminds me of my grandmother's old house that she used to live in. I wish I could make one of these cards for her. She would love it. Maybe I'll give it a try, your tutorial makes it look so easy! So glad you shared.

Charlene@APinchofJoy said...

Beautiful work as always! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday.