Saturday, December 15, 2012

Family Pop Up Cigar Boxes as Holiday Gifts

My lovely granddaughter with her cigar box pop up. It was given to her for her 12th birthday at Thanksgiving dinner.

My granddaughter was in the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet last year. The picture used in this pop up was from that performance.
This is the box we sent my sister-in-law for Xmas. It is a picture of  my husband's sisters playing when they were little.


Lindsay Weirich said...

how sweet, she loved her box I see! well done & merry Christmas!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Carla love your ideas of making pop ups in the boxes
Dr Sonia

Kathy said...

So wonderful! Will you create a tutorial?

Carla's Cards said...

Kathy, I would love to create a tutorial, but each box is different, it is a matter of fiddle with it and my husband is good at that...I am not! Glad you like them though.