Saturday, November 27, 2021

Store Front Gallery Line and Wash

 This store front line and wash is from a tutorial by Paul Clark. The outline, which he makes available is of the basic store. It's up to the artist to make it their own, while following the techniques Paul Clark demonstrates. My store front is a gallery, but there are a wide variety of store fronts from Christmas to the occasional book store, cafe or fruit stand!

I drew in all the gallery details.

I missed a step, which would have been to paint a base coat over  the brick areas. Instead I used the Pebeo drawing gum along the lines on the paper for the brick walls. After it had dried, I painted the brick colors and when that dried I used a rubber cement pick up to get the gum off the paper. I added spattered paint and some other colors to show the age of the old wall.

I used a variety of permanent waterproof pens. The pens were for the building and details and then paint with Winsor Newton Cotman tube watercolor to finish the piece. I used a Micron pen to go over the lines one more time.

So welcome to my gallery, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


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Chana Malkah said...

This is such a wonderful rendering! It is another one of your creations that I think would be absolutely stunning on the front of a greeting card!

Thanks so much for sharing with us at A Place To Start!
Chana Malkah