Thursday, August 29, 2013

Victorian Scenic Card

After taking a walk around the nearby beach town of Flagler Beach, Florida, I was inspired by a block made up entirely of older Victorian homes.

I accomplished this scenic landscape by using stamps from two stamp companies; Art Impressions and Heartfelt Stamp Companies. These stamps were used for the foreground and for the background, I drew in the old Victorian home.

Marvy watercolor markers and a water brush and palette were used for color. These markers were used also across the stamps to print the images. After stamping those images, I drew out the colors with the water brush.

I'll be looking for more local inspirations in the future.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A 4th Birthday Party Scrapbook Page

What a weekend my 4 year old grandson had! On Friday his birthday, he went with his mom, dad and aunt to Disney World and the following day they came to my house, along with his other grandma, where we had his party! It was a great party, because only the close family was here and this little guy was smiling and happy the whole time. His very creative mommy made red velvet Mickey Mouse cupcakes (Oreo cookie ears) and on the plate with my grandson's cupcake was an adorable Mickey Mouse candle. He had no trouble blowing it out!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Scrapbook Pages

How many 4 year olds get to go to Disney World on the very day of their birthday? My adorable grandson did! He is Disney's greatest fan and loves Mickey Mouse! He also wore a special shirt designed by his mom, which said birthday boy. His mom, dad and aunt accompanied him on his pilgrimage on a very hot Florida day. All had a wonderful time.

Of course I got a hold of some of the pictures taken that day and created some pages for my grandson's scrapbook.

Here are the three pages. Next week I hope to have the page of his party, which took place the following day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Embossing With Paste and Stencils 2

Some time ago, maybe when I was working as a crafts teacher at Michaels, I bought a Martha Stewart dry embossing set, which came with stencils and a stylist. You were supposed to use them along with a lightbox. Well, I was mighty disappointed, when these stencil designs didn't work well with the stylist. The stylist didn't fit in the cuts! That's when I began collecting stencils at Hobby Lobby. Now, my local scrapbook store, Gingham Buttons 2 has Dreamweaver stencils and others which have wonderful detail.

The flowers and bird is a lovely stencil I got at the local scrapbook store and the acorn stencil is a Martha Stewart stencil.

I finally found a way to use my Martha Stewart stencils. They worked pretty well with the gold Dreamweaver stencil paste. Check these out.
The butterfly stencil is from Hobby Lobby and the corner is from Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart stencil

Martha Stewart stencil

I love the gold Dreamweaver Embossing Paste against the black paper!