Thursday, February 8, 2024

Granddaughter Loves Pokemon - Pikachu


My Granddaughter sits at a table with two boys in Kindergarten. One boy had two the same Pikachu small toys. He knew my Granddaughter loves this Pokeman Pikachu and gave her one. She took it to school everyday, but lost it. She and this boy looked all over and were sad they didn't find it.

Meanwhile my Granddaughter came with her dad and brother to my house. They helped clean up the leaves. Both she and her brother got paid.

Then one day over the weekend their dad made some phone calls and found a store that had that toy. Dad took the children for lunch and made sure my Granddaughter had her money. Dad took the kids to the store and my Granddaughter found the toy. She hugged it and said I want it.

What a wonderful daddy and such a good little girl.

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