Sunday, February 15, 2015

A 45th Anniversary

Forty-five years ago on Sunday, February 15th, 1970, the weather was just about as bad as the North East is currently experiencing. Long Island had snow with blizzard conditions. Sandy's family and mine were at my parent's house in North Bellmore, New York. We were supposed to go to the local synagogue where the Rabbi would marry us, only I refused to get married without my Grandma Minnie. Finally late in the afternoon, she arrived driven in the bad weather by my Aunt Harriet and Uncle Jack. We then went on to the synagogue, where Sandy and I were married in the Rabbi's study under the traditional chuppah (canopy). Sandy shattered the traditional glass (covered light bulb) with his foot. We were finally married and we all celebrated at a local Chinese restaurant. That March we all celebrated again with friends and family at a reception in Leonard's in Great Neck, Long Island.

 So here it is 2015 and due to my really bad cough, me, Sandy and our oldest son Gordon had dinner at the local Chinese restaurant...this time in Florida!

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applejack cards by sue said...

Hi Carla, What a beautiful photograph and such a lovely memory. I do hope you and Sandy will get to celebrate your Anniversary very soon.