Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Personal Digital Stamps

Ever since I discovered digital stamps by talented artists such as Maurie Manning, Cheryl Grant and Rick St. Dennis and began creating cards with them, I've wanted to learn to design my own. But I keep discovering more wonderful artists and buying more digi stamps, so I've enmassed a very large collection. 
It's time to try my hand at my own creations so, I bought a couple of books to get me started. I like the detailed Manga style, originally created by Japanese artists. The books I am using as my guides are “Drawing Manga” by Jeannie Lee and “Manga for the Beginner” by Christopher Hart. I found that basic the Manga body is actually about the same proportions as figure drawing in general. Of course there are ages and heights to be considered which can change the basic build considerably.
Here are my very first attempts at drawing a preteen boy and girl. Please feel free to take them and use them, but let me know where I can see them and please give me credit for the line drawings. I hope you enjoy Ian and Katie!

Come back again to see what I will create next!

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