Friday, December 26, 2014

Digi Stamps, Digikits & Craft Artist, Oh My!

Little Laura in the English Town digikit.
I've been working with the many wonderful digikits put out by Daisy Trail to use with the Craft Artist 2 program. The background of the card above was made with parts from the English Town Digikit. My digital stamp Little Laura is in the foreground. She is colored in Prismacolor Pencils and then I went over each color with Gumsol.
This is Little Laura, available for your use.

First I draw the figure on drawing paper and work out the dimensions and try to get the right proportions in the figure. Then I go over the drawing with a fine line marker. After that I put the image on my light box and trace the drawing again in pencil on card stock, adding her clothing and erasing the unneeded lines. After that I go over all the lines on the image with a 01 fine line marker. Since I have had problems with the images before this one showing up totally in the Craft Artist program, I went over the part that had the problem and used the 03 thicker fine line marker on Little Laura's legs. The cut studio in the Craft Artist program had no problem working with Little Laura!

I did mention that I worked on other images, so I will show you my other cards and give you the colored images for your own use. All I ask is that you let me know where I can see your work with my image and give me credit for my work on my image.

Laura in English Town digikit.
Laura digi stamp
My Katie digi stamp in the garden of the English Town digikit.
Katie digi stamp
Laura digi stamp on the beach in Summer Seaside digikit.
Laura digi stamp
Have fun, I did...let me know how you are doing.

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