Saturday, August 9, 2014

Memorial Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida, where the Fairies are!

I am willing to bet you didn't know that fairies live in husband and I went on a photo shoot to a local gardens and there they were just hanging about!

The Memorial Gardens, is a lush, tropical rainforest nestled into the heart of the Ormond Beach adjoining the Ormond Beach Art Museum. It features native and exotic plants, water features, and a gazebo. The Gardens contain five ponds that are home to numerous turtles, frogs and fish. Aquatic plants such as water lilies and water lettuces offer food, shade and natural cleansing within the ponds. Plants such as papyrus, bananas, ginger lilies and wild flowers, which flourish near the three ponds that were formed by natural depressions.

Belgian-trained Chicago landscape architect, Henry Stockman designed the gardens in the 1940s, which feature both manicured landscape and natural areas. Many weddings have been held in this magnificent setting. The Gardens are situated on approximately 2.5 acres at the southeast corner of Granada Boulevard between Seton Trail and Halifax Drive.

Actually these lovely fairies are from the My Craft Studio, Midsummer Garden CD. The disc came with the 2nd addition of My Craft Studio Academy Magazine. I put the fairies from My Craft Studio into Craft Artist 2 along with my husbands great photo sketched shots!
Then there was this one tourist, who could not find his way out of the gardens! 
This sweet little fellow is a digital stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil.

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