Friday, June 6, 2014

Coloring Digital Images

People have commented on my colored pencil digital images. I enjoy coloring my many digital images using Prismacolor Premier Pencils. These pencils have a soft wax core, which makes achieving gradations from light to dark and from dark to light, a matter of graduated hand pressure. They blend beautifully. The same color can be soft or intense. Unlike markers, you can really change intensity and achieve nice gradients by using a light touch and then adding more pressure. You can also slowly build up the intensity which makes these pencils very forgiving.

Students who study drawing learn to make a ten-step value scale showing the range of possible light and dark. Drawing with no change in value tend to look flat or more patternlike. Artist translate actual light falling on forms manipulating their use of light and dark.

Value and tones can be created by rubbing, smudging and erasing. Each time a layer of color is added the value darkens.

With Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Pencils, I can produce saturated color and develop a wide range of values. I truly believe they are the best colored pencils.

The images I used in this post are Adele a digital stamp, a product of Mo's Digital Pencil. Just a few colors make Adele stand out...look carefully at the gradation of blue throughout the image, which gives this little girl a round more realistic appearance.

Try working in just Prismacolor Premier Pencils and see effect you can achieve.


Anonymous said...

Great card. Really like your facial coloring too. Keep it up Carla.

Nancy said...

So very sweet and you did a great job coloring her. I use mostly pencils too, also Prismacolor, but want to try the Spectrum Noir pencils. I love their range of colors. However, I generally use Copics skin tones for the faces, hands, etc. I use Gamsol or a blender with my pencils.