Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Returned my Brother Scan N Cut Machine!

Ok, so I have had my Brother Scan N Cut Machine for less than a month and each time I have used it for one reason or another, it did not do what I intended it to do. My first disappointment was that it is very choosy which stamped images it will cut...it needs a closed line completely around the image. For that reason the above Shirley stamped image was cut by hand.  I love to work my stamps into scenes with background, so this was a big deal to me. Another big deal is the poor quality of mats...they just don't enough even after I have cleaned them as instructed, I had to use blue painters tape! I was successful in using the "Canvas" online and getting free SVGs (translated into the format for the machine) to use in the machine as you can tell in the above card an SVG was used in the background and the sentiment was already in the machine. The "Canvas" doesn't need to be loaded into the computer, but it is a very basic program...I didn't think I needed a complicated one!
Here are a couple more cards using the SVGs and the "Canvas":

 But when I got to this wonderful free SVG Easter Basket, the machine cut everything except the yellow lace trim! I did it over and over until it cut most of it and where it didn't, I placed some cute flower embellishments.

 All during the process of trying to cut that yellow lace I cleaned and tried to re-cut the lace and now the machine refuses to cut anything! This was the final straw...I called the store and the machine is going back. I haven't totally decided whether to get another machine or be happy with my Cricut  and my Gypsy die cut machines. I am looking into the "Silhouette Cameo," which a friend seems to be very pleased with. That machine needs to be hooked up to the computer for its program to work. I tried to not be on the computer so much with the Scan n Cut, but I kept running between the computer room and the art studio with my flash drive in hand anyway. I loved giving this adorable basket card to my grandson, but I need to decided if I want another machine to continue to do the cutting of SVGs and do I want my new computer to be hooked up all the time to another machine.

I will let you know what I decide!
I returned it today 4/28/2014.


Jen J said...

carla, i love my silhouette cameo but it does sometimes have a problem cutting intricate work.

you need a closed line like your brother machine. and sometimes it seems to rip and not cut things out ....
its all just learning what settings to put the machine on. blade depth and speed... different papers call for different speeds and depth.. even though there are preset depths and speed they still need to be changed from time to time...
regardless of some kinks in the system i still love to use it and the fact that i can create my own designs is awesome

Slyn11 said...

I have a number of e-cutters so mat issues are nothing new to me. They are meant to be disposable so the company can make a profit I assume. I don't find the SNC mats any lower quality than the other cutters I own (Cricut, Cameo). I use painters tape on all of them and I resticky all of them. I have bought replacement mats for my SNC but my first mats that came with my machine (Back in October) still work great as well.

As far as SVGs - well I don't use them. I do have a Cameo, but since I have so many cricut cartridges I never needed to have to scour the net to find an SVG to cut. Although I did have to search for an SVG last week, to cut something for work. I looked all over for an SVG in the shape of my state and nothing I found was right. So you know what I did? I printed out an image of my state, ran it through the SNC and Voila! So easy.

All the cards you shared looked great your SNC is doing intricate cuts like a champ. As far as stamps - I now look at them when I buy them and I can tell right off which ones will cut with the SNC. If you have so many stamps with lots of disconnected parts this could be a problem but so many stamps on the market will work with the machine. I have been amassing quite a collection of them.

About the Cameo - The Cameo doesn't cut thicker materials well. The Cameo requires you to be hooked up to the computer. Fussy cutting or print and cutting on a cameo takes more steps than on the SNC. (registration marks - blech!) But if you aren't happy with the cutter and it is not serving your needs then you should find one that works for you. Best of luck.

SImply Pawla said...

If you are primarily a card maker, maybe the SNC isn't for you. There are somethings I don't like about, like the small screen and Canvas, but I do like the cutter. Like Slyn11, I have several machines. If the SNC was my only cutter, I would probably be unhappy as well. I love that the SNC can handle heavier material than the Cameo. I mostly use svgs, some I purchase but mostly create my own. If you chose not to keep it, you my want to research the KNK Zing or the Pazzles. Good Luck!!

cc said...

I'd be inclined to add a pencil line or two to an image that was insufficiently closed (which is easier than cutting by hand for me). I've only been trying to cut out images I scan with less than perfect success. I put my satisfaction at about 85%; I was hoping for 95%. If I start doing SVGs and the stored shapes, that could change, but it probably wouldn't exceed 90% if everything else went hunky dory.

Unknown said...

I tried to return mine, for similiar reasons, but they wouldnt take it back. Called Brother and they said they couldnt take it back because I had bought through an independent dealer. I wish you better luck if you try to return it.