Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baseball Greeting Card

Baseball has always been the game of choice in our family. My sons played Little League Baseball and were gifted athletes and when he could, my husband coached the teams and practiced with the boys. There were many times through the years that we hurried to get homework and dinner done and we were off to a week day game. The weekends were reserved for their games and sometime I felt like I should be two people driving the boys to two different fields.

Our younger son played baseball throughout his school career. He was the team captain in high school and played ball in college. When we moved to Florida he managed a Little League team and my husband assisted him and kept the score book.
My Son Ian in uniform as a Met  Little League player
Our older son played baseball in high school too as well as tennis. When playing both didn't work out so well in the scheduling, he had to choose and decided to focus on his tennis game. He still enjoys baseball, but he is a tennis pro, teaching and coaching the game.

Each of the boys and their dad collected cards, They still read books about the game and the players and discuss the statistic. There have been many trips to the ball park to watch either the Mets or the Yankees and some trips here in Florida to watch a spring training game. I can still catch my husband enjoying a game on the television! One day maybe our 4 year old grandson, might choose to play baseball...we hope to be there to watch his turn at bat too!

Baseball season gave me an idea for a new card and now that I love to color digital images I went to my favorite digital website...Mo's Digital Pencil. There I found several baseball images, but one reminded me of my younger son, when he was just beginning to play ball. "Slugger" is just so cute and the sentiments that come with it are right on! The image is colored in Prismacolor pencils and I drew in the Yankee pinstripes. The card is embellished with ball and baseball field products put out by Jolee's Boutique.

I loved doing this card and using Mo's Digital images which are so expressive...give that website a try.


Pat said...

Hehe! What a sweet card...and a fabulous story about your sons! My two sons played little league...and my husband STILL collects baseball cards!! So, I'm right there with ya as a baseball mom/wife, Carla!! Hugs. Pat Frank

r.howard said...

another great job!! super!!!! R howard

Anja said...

Pretty cool baseball card! Mo's image is simply perfect for this and I love the CAS design!
Thank you so much for joining us at MO's Digital Penicl this fortnight! Hope to see more from you!

Hugs, Anja