Monday, October 28, 2013

A Memorable Evening

Last Saturday my husband Sandy and I had a most enjoyable evening in St. Augustine, Florida. Intending to have dinner at the Columbia Restaurant, we parked the car and went for a walk on St. George Street.

Sandy took some local color shots including a few of local reenactors dressed for an event to take place that evening. Well, we got to our favorite eatery and found it to have a long wait.

We headed back to the car and arrived at the Conch House Restaurant, where we enjoyed two great dishes. Sandy had tuna and I had a wonderful shrimp and pasta dish with mushrooms.

From the Conch House we drove a short distance to the St. Augustine Amphitheater. All along the way cars were parking where they could and lights were glaring.  We got to the entrance of the amphitheater and found the parking lot full! But just up the street was an area turned into a parking lot with 2 spaces left. So, we payed, parked and briskly walked back to the entrance, taking along a large envelope that says Happy Birthday Mom and Dad, Grandma and Pop. In the brown envelope were 2 tickets to the evening's performance by John Fogerty!

At the gate we were checked in and as we made our way to our seats, I made sure to flash the envelope and say the tickets were gifts from my wonderful kids and it would be so nice to have Fogerty perform "Center Field" my favorite of his songs. Of course I heard lots of happy birthdays, but what was really fun was when not only Sandy, but the men sitting on either side of us said, they are singing your song! So I got up and danced in the isle!

The concert was everything you would want from the talented  John Fogerty. He was energetic and sang every one of our favorite songs. The audience enjoyed every moment of his great performances, dancing in the isles and cheering him on. At the end Fogerty came back on stsge and repeated several of his much loved hits, while the audience stood cheering and dancing!

This was an evening to remember!

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