Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Embossing with Paste and Brass Stencils

I love learning new techniques and my local scrapbook store is the place to learn them.

I have a new Dreamweaver stencil and Dreamweaver Embossing Paste, several stencil brushes and my Marvy Markers. Look what I did on ordinary cardstock!

1. When using embossing paste on the brass stencils, you need to work quickly, because the paste sets up in 20-40 minutes and you don't want it to dry into the fine bridgework of the brass stencils.

2. Make sure you are working on a hard flat surface and the stencil needs to be flat against the surface, because, if it is bent, the paste will pull under the bridges and smear.

3. While holding the stencil in place, fill in the stencil with brushes, using marker color from a palette.

4. Cleaned off the stencil and carefully replaced it over the coloring.Tape out the edges onto table or mat with removable tape. Line up and attach the stencil over the colored image. Tape top down first securely. The tape at the top becomes a type of hinge.

5. Pick up the paste on the bottom of the metal palette knife and smooth over the stencil's cut out areas as if applying icing to a cake. Scrape off the excess paste until all the holes are filled evenly and the stencil surface is smooth.

6. Remove the tape from the sides and bottom first, leaving top hinge tspe in place. Lift the bottom of the stencil straight up. Immediately take off the tape and pick up the stencil from the paper--lifting it off in a straight up manner as much as possible. It is important to clean the stencil off immediately, so drop it into a pan of water until you have time to scrub it. Dry with a paper towel. The tape hinge minimizes disturbing the paste as the stencil is removed.

7. Set aside the paste project to dry.

I have also used a palette of inks with my stencil brushes and these look so lovely also.

For more tutorials and information check out the Dreamweaver website at:


Ronni Howard said...

These are so beautiful... A totally different feeling and quite serene and calmning to look at.. bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

very pretty Carla. I like the rich purple flower best!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Love your cards, Carla.