Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dancing Granddaughter Scrapbook Pages

When my younger son got married, we not only got his wife as a new daughter, but we got her little sister for a granddaughter. She is the little girl I would have enjoyed having of my own, since I had two rambunctious boys! But it's never too late she is the bonus child and we enjoy having her around, taking care of her and watching her perform on stage. She takes dance most of the week and participates in competitions with the dance team from the local studio.

My husband enjoys taking pictures of her and the other children and I try to keep up doing her scrapbook.

These are the latest pages in my dancing granddaughter's book.


R Howard said...

What a wonderful way to remember the event.. Photos and artistic arrangement is so very classy and unique..Nice to have Hubby involved as well.. a real family affair!!R Howard

Lindsay Weirich said...

your husband did an amazing job with the photography and good for you getting them all scraped! I thought the photos were the professional ones you pay an arm & a leg for!

Stephanie @ BeeTreeStudios said...

I love all the flowers you used =) Keep on scrapping those memories! Visiting from D&D's Project Inspire{d} Link Party!

Stephanie @ BeeTreeStudios