Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cancer and Cards Part 2

Yes, I'm doing my art work on my cards in my studio, but before I tell you about it, I will give you the latest on my journey to find the right treatment for my melanoma. It takes time and several explanation going over the same questions to understand and be satisfied with medical recommendations. Having a discussion with a second opinion doctor, an independent unbiased physician gives peace of mind and satisfaction about the treatment options.

I saw the doctor at the Mayo Clinic simply because I wanted to be sure that there is no stone left unturned in my care. The doctor at the Mayo saw me as an individual and looked at what I would be facing with the prescribed treatments. He knew my quality of life would change with little benefit of the courses of action proposed by my previous doctors. His estimates of benefits matched what the nurse from the Cancer Society said on the phone only a day before. He outlined the risk and complications and how he would monitor me in the future, if I were his patient. I believe what we decided was the best for me and I asked him to take over as my Oncology doctor, putting myself in his care.

By the way the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is wonderful and it's only a short distance from my children. This will be a good fit for me. This doctor is on the same page with me and my children are close by!

Doing my art work not only keeps me busy , but gives me peace of mind taking my mind off the healing foot. I enjoy using my Tombow markers and the water brush. Sheena Douglass rubber stamps have such wonderful detail. My latest cards were done with "A Little Bit Sketchy" "Mile Stones and Moments." The stamp comes unmounted. Since I really wanted a scenic card without a sentiment, I cut off the wording and trimmed the stamp close to the scene. Then I adhered the trimmed stamp on EZ Mount and from there I mounted this lovely country lane scene to an acrylic block.

When I was all set to stamp my image onto my Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper, I realized my "Stazon" ink pad wasn't wet enough to make a good print. I like "Stazon" for my work with water color because it dries fast and doesn't run. So I tried my  new "Memento" dye ink pad. For this I stamped images the night before and let them have time to dry. It worked, the "Memento" ink was just fine!

Oh I just got a new and juicy "Stazon" ink pad and new paper too! Now I need to be careful to not get my images over loaded with ink...everything is working great now!


Rasmussen Family said...

wow that really is gorgeous. I came over from Our Delightful Home link up. Excited to see more of your projects!

the cape on the corner said...

i can absolutely understand how your artwork would be therapeutic and calming. keep it up!

Lindsay Weirich said...

Carla, is it the steam punk magazine you asked about? If they are published you will get a free copy mailed to you! Hope you feel better!

Sarah Leonard said...

That card is really lovely! And I'm glad making them makes you feel calmer and more settled.

I hope your new doctor can take care of you and do what's right for you.


Christine said...

So Happy you found the right doctor for you!!! xoxoxo

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream to Reality!

Michelle Day said...

So glad you found the right Doctor and that you'll be close to your kids. This is a beautiful card! I love all the detail. Thanks for linking up to Creative Thursday.