Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines for Hubby!

It's no big secret, Valentine's Day is my favorite day before my anniversary. I have two days to celebrate! I love crafting or wearing pretty things. This year I went crazy trying out new ideas for cards for my wonderful husband. So I went to
and saw some great ideas there and tried them out. See these below:

One of those would have been the one except for the fact that I found this really neat kit in my stash. It's "Sweetheart Washi Paper Quilting" by Hanko Designs. The kit includes three sheets of chipboard, three sheets of washi paper quilting foam, patterns and idea sheet for four cards and instruction and tips for washi paper quilting. The washi paper (Japanese decorative paper) and embellishments need to be bought separately.

So since I had everything already and I loved the design with the heart, I began. The direction on the kit are really good and the best tip of all was to cut "slits" in the washi paper to overlap the back and help to pull the paper snugly around the heart for a lovely quilted effect.

I use one piece of patterned washi paper for the heart and another for the background and adhered them to gold cardstock over a card base and embellished with ribbon and a sticker. I love the effect and plan to try other designs in the kit and look into what else is available. The kit was bought at my favorite scrapbook store, Gingham Buttons 2 in Palm Coast, Fl.

I know my husband is going to love this card!

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Anonymous said...

I love the paper quilting look, it really adds dimention!