Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dry Technique/Stencil Embossing

Artistians have been embossing for many many years.
Embossing is a process creating a raised three dimensional image or design on paper or other materials. There are two hand embossing applications used by artists and crafters, that are easy and have stunning results. Dry embossing and heat embossing can be use for both card making and designing scrapbook pages. Through this article, I will explore the dry embossing technique, which beginners might want to try first. In a very short time you can be producing professional looking cards and inspiring others to do the same.
Supply List:

Brass embossing stencil
Stylus (dual ended)
Light box/window or glass or translucent surface over a light source
Wax paper
Masking tape
Colored chalks
Colored pencils
Tape the stencil to the window or light box.
Rub the wax paper across the cardstock, which makes it easier for the stylus to glide across the paper.
Using the stylus trace around the outer edge of each open area, beginning with the larger end. Make sharper detail by following the larger point with the smaller end. There is no need to fill the entire area to be embossed. The outline serves to raise the interior surface as well. Make sure to press the stylus gently, so that the paper won't tear. The flip side of the cardstock is the finished embossed side.

You can add color to your design by lightly using colored pencils.
Another way to add color is with chalk. First tape the cardstock to the brass stencil and then adhere them to the light box with the stencil side down. After tracing the design, detach the cardstock and stencil from the box and flip it over, while the cardstock is still attached to the stencil color lightly with chalk. When you are finished detach from the stencil and see your art work.
You will enjoy the challenge of thinking up different ways to use your stencils. It's so easy to produce fantastic cards in no time, for all occasions.

Additional Tips:

1. You will be needing a light box to dry emboss and a homemade light box can do the trick remarkably well. Artist Lindsay Weirich offers the directions to making one on an amazing video tutorial on her blog at:
After making your own light box, I'm sure you will continue to find uses for it.While at Lindsay's blog check out her other tutorials and art work.

2. Try not to bend embossing stencils. Place the stencil back in its' sealed plastic wrappers or place in plastic snack bags to guard against rust.


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CarlavdM said...

Hello Carla,

Like the flower-embossed card.
Have you ever tried it with a Cuttlebug or other die-machine?

Greetings from the Netherlands
Carla vdMS

Carla's Cards said...

I haven't tried the metal stencils with the Cuttlebug yet, but I understand you can with a certain type of mat etc.

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Lindsay Weirich said...

that's pretty! I have a homemade lightbox tutorial coming up later today, fun!

Carla's Cards said...

Thanks Lindsay and Amy! I will be right over Amy and Lindsay, if you noticed, my lightbox is homemade too!