Sunday, September 26, 2021

Styling Sewing Greeting Card


I created this card after being inspired by a recent video by the Frugal Crafter, Lindsay Weirich. She designed a lovely fashionable card for her daughter, while discussing how helpful it would be, for a crafter to find her style. Maybe my style is also fashion, I do enjoy sewing. I'm kind of into painting currently though!

In the meantime, I've been looking through supplies, papers and left over bits to craft another card. I found a beautifully dressed Camille, a Julie Nutting Doll stamp, who has had a facelift now with sunglass. I also have a package of scrapbooking paper designs by Authentique, titled "Stitches." These along with a few bits and pieces worked nicely into my own lovely fashionable card. I made a large card from one piece of white card stock folded in half and adhered all the various pieces and the doll on top.


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Billie A said...

Wonderful card. Great colors and love the creative style. So glad you shared over at Crafty Sentiments.