Sunday, June 14, 2020

Making a Few Masks

One day in early June a group of Glorious Victorians took to the streets of St. Augustine. These fun loving men and women dressed in Victorian finery, were lead by Dianne Strum Thompson Jacoby. They promenaded throughout the Ancient City with enthusiasm and displayed their passion for this period in history.
 Although Victorians didn't actually wear masks, masks were worn during the Spanish flue pandemic of 1918. These current Victorians were prepared with mask, citing today's health issues. I was so sorry not to have participated in the promenade that evening, but I do have a mask ready in case I do in the future. This pattern is from a tutorial on YouTube from Shabby Fabrics. I made this in a medium with 7" elastics. I used muslin fabric and put lace on the upper curved edge.

Here are two more pink masks and one for my husband, who wants to add a smile to his!


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Jean said...

Great mask make ! and great history lesson x Thanks for sharing at 613 Avenue Create xx Please join us again.