Saturday, November 30, 2019

Coffe Break Card
An afternoon of holiday shopping deserves a coffee break. I chose to use Lil Coffee Bean Doll 19 Besties Digi Stamp for this CS card.

I colored this delightful image with Copic Markers and mounted it on a matted white base card.

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Whimsical Birthday Gift

Back in 2007, my son Ian married his lovely wife Lyuba. That's when I became an honorary grandma to Lyuba's little sister Katya. It was truly an honor to be her grandparents. My husband and I participate in many aspects of her life. We celebrate her birthday each year and went to her dance recitals and competitions. We picked her up at school and even took her to Disney World.

At Disney World, Katya was a pleasure, as always. We stood on a very long line at the castle to meet the Disney Princesses. While on the line Katya made friends with the children also waiting. Finally we entered a large hall and at each corner were Princesses waiting to meet the very anxious children. Katya couldn't believe her eyes and said, "Wow I really get to meet them all!" It was so worth waiting on that line! That year those same ladies decorated Katya's bedroom.

Katya is all grown up now and in her first year of college.
Katya a high school grade!
 Each year I have made a special gift for her birthday.

This year I wanted to use my Cinch Binding System and looked at ways to incorporate the memory of the Disney Princesses.
I found a youtube tutorial by Lolly Geter at using Little Golden Books to make notebooks.
I bought the Disney book "Tangled," which reminded me of Katya and our trip to Disney World. Here are a few of the pages in this altered book.

I hope this whimsical notebook brings back fond memories and will hold the new memories she is making.
 Katya loved the book!


Monday, November 18, 2019

Oh, the Places You'll Go! An Anniversary Journal

It all started when I got the Heidi Swapp Cinch Binding System for Christmas last year.

First I designed my own paper doll and scenic books. Then I saw how much fun it was to turn old or in some cases new Little Golden Books into notebooks or journals to use as gifts. I went crazy looking for those adorable books! After making one for my husband, Sandy's, birthday using a Jackie Robinson, Little Golden Book, my son Ian, had a great idea!

He and his lovely wife had moved their family into a new home. They were trying to keep expenses down. Ian asked if I could use the book, that their wedding vows were taken from "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" to make an anniversary journal. He would print out and embellish the book with pictures and mementos from their life together.

How could a mom refuse! I ordered the book and my husband cut the binding off and the creating began. The anniversary journal includes:

The story is throughout the numerous pages.
3 Envelopes
3 Card stock pockets
4 Graph papers
4 Lined papers
9 card stock pages
14 Mats for 4x6" photos
Assorted paper clips
No, it wasn't as easy as those Little Golden Book journals...but it did finally come together. I know they will enjoy putting their own ideas into the book and keeping it as their collection of mementos grows!

By the way, my daughter in law loved the book!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Coffee Beans or Peppermints, a Holiday Card!
Here's my latest holiday card. I had some fun turning coffee into a peppermint flavored hot chocolate! The digital image I used Lil Coffee Bean My Besties Doll 2 Besties Digi Stamp, which is also from the Coffee Bean Besties Digital Coloring Book. There are 25 images and are in both Jpeg and PDF formats.

I printed two copies of my chosen image: one on card stock and one on Copic Marker paper. I Colored most of the image on the Copic paper, leaving the cup out. I cut the arm and cup from the card stock and colored the arm. I used the cup to trace onto printed paper and cut that out. I cut out the Copic Marker paper image and adhered the print cup and arm on top. Following that I cut 2 mats and layered them onto a basic white card. I adhered the image holding the cup onto the mats and embellished the cup with a fine line Micron pen.

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