Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dickens on Centre, Fernandina Beach, Fl. 2018

December 7th, 2018

We had an enjoyable day at Dickens on Centre in Fernandina Beach, Florida, back in 2017, so my hubby Sandy and I went back for more this year. Again the town was transformed into the classic English village of the 1840s. This year instead of my lovely cranberry jacket, I was dressed for two days as a fine Victorian lady!
Yes, that's me wearing my lovely cranberry jacket in front of St. Peters Episcopal Church.
Before changing into my evening dress, Sandy and I took a walk around town. We found or selves at St. Peters Episcopal Church on 8th Street. They were setting p for an evening of music. Later we returned to take pictures with the many re-enactors.

 In the evening while walking around this quaint English village, we met many friendly characters out for a good time.

Sandy and I wish you a wonderful holiday on December 8th, before returning home.

Cole Tucker a wonderfully talented Ventriloquist

A participant in the paws parade.
Gil Langley President and CEO of Amelia Island Convention and Visitors Bureau

Yes it's me again with Gil Langley
So many lovely people made these two days so very enjoyable! Check out these great photos:


I want to thank everyone who made our trip so enjoyable and we hope to meet you all again next year!


Betty Waldeck said...

love those customs I would of loved that vacation. the purple dress the most.

Betty Waldeck said...

loved your vacation pictures would of loved it my self such a pretty purple dress.