Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ruby a Julie Nutting Paper Doll AKA Miss Fisher

Many people have enjoyed my series of Miss Fisher projects. The art teacher in me has been calling out to teach how it can be done. How I made Ruby into Miss Fisher...not hard to do, but fun!

I use Copic Markers and Copic Paper for my dolls' skin tones, but most in the stamped doll community use watercolor pencils. I will use Mixed Media paper and Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.

Other supplies:
Memento Tuxedo black Ink
Water brush and water
Variety of papers for clothing
Pigma Micron-o1 black Archival Ink pen
Brush marker either black or brown

1) Print stamp using Memento Ink on Mixed Media Paper

2) Use the fine line  black pen to draw lines in and around the dolls hair (leave white areas for shine and to see the strands of hair) to create a short bob, going over the curly part with straight line but following the curve of the head, the bangs are also straight line from the crown to about midway and the bottom of the bangs are done in straight lines going up, but leaving a gap of white for shine. The hair is a focal point on this doll, as it defines Miss Fisher's character in the TV series.

3) Color skin tones using both a light and then a dark colored pencil. The dark pencil is to use for shadow on the edges, such as under the bangs and around the hair line and two sides of the arms and legs.

4) Blend color with water brush

5) Cut out colored image

6) Print 2 more doll stamps on the Mixed Media paper

7) Cut these new prints into pattern pieces or print on fabric like paper

8)Trace patterns onto fabric like paper or cut out print

9) Adhere outfit parts to doll

10) Edge doll with brush marker

As you look over the following examples, you will see that by printing the doll a few times, we can have not just the doll, but a number of traceable patterns for a variety of clothing.
When deciding to write this post, I had only one piece of Mixed Media paper and had not used my watercolor pencils in a while. So for practice and not to mess with my diagram, the second example is on card stock. Mixed Media paper will be better for you to use.

Here I have shown you what your pattern pieces could look like with some added fine line pen. These are not adhered to the doll, but I will save them to work in another Art Journal Page.
This finished paper doll is dressed in some old paper from my stash. I think it was a card kit by Kanban.

Have fun and let me know if this tutorial works for you and if you have questions, message me on Facebook


Unknown said...

I have only just come to buy Julie's dolls and I am totally in love. I just have four but I'm already hooked. I love what you have done with your doll, dressing her as Miss Fisher, such a great transformation. Thank you so much for sharing your method.

Marty F said...

I enjoy your projects, Carla, and love Miss Fisher! Thank you for taking the time to make a tutorial - love seeing the dolls transformed with hair and outfits! Awesome!!

BonnieLass said...

I have just started watching the series on Netflix. When I saw your first Miss Fisher awhile ago I didn't know who she was. Lol It's so fun seeing all your gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing a tutorial with us.

Lisa :) said...

lovely tutorial I had archived it just got to see it now :)