Friday, December 23, 2016

Paper Doll Piecing an Addictive Habit

From line drawing stamped image to dressed paper doll.
Have you discovered Julie Nutting's wonderful paper doll stamps? I bought a couple and didn't realize how addicting they are! In a very short time I have accumulated 10 dolls! No, it isn't sending me back to second grade, but it did bring back the memory of a shoe box full of paper figures in my second grade desk, way back when.

I enjoy piecing outfits for Rita and the other dolls in my collection. Here are the steps I use to make truly original fashions for these wonderful paper ladies and some gents!

Stamp doll on Copic Paper.

Color with Copic Markers (I used E000, E00, E11, E15, YG13)

Cut out.

Print Skirt on two pieces of printed paper. These papers are from Nana's Kitchen Matstack.

Cute skirt out, if you can't fit the piece in one print, do it again for the parts that you had trouble with and cut out.

Decide which parts are the skirt and which is the inset and cut those out.

Glue pieces together.

Adhere outfit to doll.
Adhere dress fabric to back of doll, in case the background is narrow and the doll shows on the sides. Please note that the doll was cut narrow, where I did not need it to be and the dress is adhered to the main form. Editing note: I was reminded that I usually edge all my dolls with a black marker giving them a finished more professional look! Thanks for the reminder Debbie!

Have fun enjoy your new hobby! I have plans for some dolls I have made, just waiting for Xmas when I might be getting the two books written by the artist  Julie Nutting. Happy Holidays!


BarbaraL said...

Thank you for sharing your post with information about how you paper pieced using the Rita doll stamp! I LOVE creating different outfits using the various dolls I have; and have been sharing them the past few months on a couple of the Facebook groups. I've also been doing swaps and have received some amazing works of, I need to figure out a way to display them so they don't get messed up!

I will check out more of your posts soon!

SSanchez said...

These dolls are addicting. I bought my first one during the Blitsy Black Friday sale and was immediately hooked! I received 4 others yesterday. Thanks for sharing your techniques because I want to learn as much as possible.

Unknown said...

I started collecting the doll stamps about 2 years ago so needless to say I have just about all of them and I love them all. The fact that they are all so unique and different with what I call different personalities, is what makes them so special. You did an excellent job at showing how to paper piece. The one thing I did learn from watching my first video by Julie Nutting on making the dolls, is that after she cuts the doll out, she takes a black Faber-Castell big brush artist marker ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby w/ coupon so it was less than $5) and she outlines the outer edges of the doll with the marker. It kind of makes them stand out more & this is a JFYI...:-)