Friday, October 16, 2015

Gelatos and a Stencil

Here's another quick and easy art project for Gelatos by Faber-Castell.


Gelatos: Green Tea, Cotton Candy 
Make-up sponges
Tombow Adhesive
White Card stock

I used a bit of adhesive to hold the small stencil in place. I followed that with alternating green and blue Gelatos. I colored straight across the stencil, trying to cover the spaces in the stencil with the colors, overlapping the previous color slightly. Then I used the sponges, one for each color, to blend the colors into each space. I lifted the stencil carefully off the art work and if there is a bit of adhesive left on the art work, I used  tweezers to remove it.

This small piece could easily become the focal point on a card. Larger stencils are available and would work very nicely with several colors in a rainbow effect, for a scrapbook page.

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