Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Crafter's Introduction to Watercolor Pencils

I have a small set of 8 Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. They are just enough to give you an introduction to the art of watercolor pencils.

Additional Materials:
Water container
Water brush
White card stock
Solid colored card stock
Print card stock
Craft glue
Card base

1) Print a floral image on card stock. I used a flower from the Bloom and Grow set designed by DeeDee's Digis.
2) Beginning in the flower center color in the spaces using an oval motion. Overlap slightly as you cover the surface. Use a light to medium pressure on the pencil depending on how intense you want the color. Colors furthest away or coming from under the edge will be darkest. Placing one color above the other will blend with water, such as the orange and yellow. To lighten the leaves, I dragged the color and wiped my water brush across the yellow pencil point. The black was placed on the center after the blue was dry, so it would not blend.

3) Cute around the flower leaving a small white border.

4) Glue to a print card stock.
5) Cut around the flower leaving a print border.

6) Glue solid card stock to white card base.
7) Glue flower to card.

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