Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crop Day Today at Michaels in Palm Coast!

I just want to show off another project sample for my Texture Wow Class coming up in another week! This one is a gift for my grandson!
I'm loving these and want to make more......I wasn't into doing them and after I made one for the store, I saw what could be done.
Great for gifts! I'm thinking of making them for friends.
Crop Day today from 2 to 8 p.m. Come and play in the classroom!


Anonymous said...

wow, you work at Micheals? I could not do that, I'd spend my paycheck every week LOL! Cure project too;)

Carla's Cards said...

Hey Lindsay! Yup, I work there and love it and more than likely spend more than I make!
I love all the new projects they are asking me to make, whether I teach a class or not!

Unknown said...

It's wonderful!! I would love to be able to be there and share a little creating time with you.


Carla's Cards said...

Hi Joan, My job at Michaels is wonderful, I get to play with my art and make new friends!
Thanks for your comments.