Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Dance Album

In November of 2007 my younger son married a beautiful young girl and along with getting a terrific daughter-in-law, we got her adorable six year old sister…my new granddaughter!
I began caring for her after school, taking her to dance class and making art projects. She has been growing up, becoming a very bright and charming little lady. This wonderful granddaughter has given my husband and me new things to look forward to do with her. As an elementary student she changed schools to become a student in the gifted program and at the same time became a member of the competition dance school team winning “gold” several times. We could not be prouder even if she were our biological grandchild.
For her 11th birthday in November, we are working on a dance scrapbook for her gift. This will be an on going process adding more pages as we watch our granddaughter, a wonderful little dancer perform.
As I finish each page in her book, I will put them on my blog, but please if you are a friend or relative do not tell this little one about the surprise.
 I made this page for her, while I was teaching a scrapbooking class at Michaels. The outfit she is wearing on the left, I bought for her Xmas gift last year and she loved it! I used some great sticker and did her name using my Cricut Gypsy. She has seen the page, but it was in another book at the time, so don't tell her about this!
These two pages were a set on clearance at Michaels......I had to get them! The blue outfit works perfectly with the pink lovely pages!

I found these two wonderful cardstock pages reduced at Michaels. The gold words and trophy were cut with the help of my Cricut Gypsy. With pretty star stickers, they are a winning double page spread!
My granddaughter won the gold for both of her dances in March in Daytona Beach and I used the same gold trophy on each and for her big performance number on this dotted page. I cut a record and music notes from my latest Cricut cartridge "Nifty Fifties". I love the cartridge! Come back often, I will be adding more pages to this album as time goes by. Her recital is the middle of June and I think she will have plenty of dance for my husband to take pictures of!


Lindsay Weirich said...
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Tina Campbell said...

WOW great job on the pages. She'll be thrilled when she receives it in Nov. Grandkids are the best, even when there not bilogical (I'm the step mom so I understand this).

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

Looks great so far! Keep it up!