Sunday, August 29, 2021

Mermaide's Tail Watercolor

 I've been wanting to do more projects on black watercolor paper, but I needed to find a good way to transfer drawings on to it. I finally found away "Saral" transfer paper!

It's very easy to use. You put the paper color side down onto the black watercolor paper. Place the drawing on top of the transfer paper. Use a pencil over the outline of the drawing, apply pressure to get the line as dark as needed.

This painting is from a tutorial by Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa. I'm terribly excited to show it off. It was such fun to paint with my Fine-Tec pearlescent paints and my Master's Touch metallic paints. Both sets of watercolors work so well on Stonehenge 140 lb cold press black paper.

Thank you Cinnamon Cooney for a wonderful tutorial!


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Autumn Sunset

 I'm not a spontaneous person. Planning is my thing, but after seeing wonderful works by others following this tutorial, I had to give it a try. This "Autumn Woodland" tutorial is by Paul Clark and for this lesson, there was no outline! It was just kind of follow the leader!

This woodsy sunset was painted using Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes on Canson 140lb. cold press watercolor paper. The painting was enhanced with a bit of table salt and the General's Pastel Chalk Pencils, and a bit of scratching with a craft blade helped the water shine.


Friday, August 20, 2021

Landscape with Bridge Watercolor

This watercolor painting is from a tutorial by Paul Clark. It was meant to be a lesson on landscapes with pastels. I decided to limit the addition of pastels to just small parts with  pastel chalk pencils.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman Watercolor tubes on Canson 140 lb watercolor paper. I enhanced the painting with General's Multi Pastel Chalk Pencils and some scratching with a craft blade to add white gleam to the water.



Monday, August 16, 2021

Poppy Seedpods (Part 2)


This the second lesson of the Poppy tutorial from Paul Clark. This style of watercolor painting is Line and Wash. Paul went over the outlines (comes free with the free tutorials) using India Ink and a sharpened stick. Having no India Ink, I used three different Micron Pens to go over the outline of these seedpods. I painted them using Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes on Canson 140 lb. cold press paper.

I enhanced the pods using a white General's Pastel Chalk Pencil and salt to bring out the background texture.

I knew right away this would be my style of painting...It's Line and Wash!


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Scottish Croft Watercolor Painting

 I love my latest painting from a tutorial by Paul Clark. It's called "Scottish Croft." I looked up the meaning of croft, so here in the USA we would be calling it a farm! Either way it's nice next to a lake!

I painted this scene using Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes on Canson 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. The piece was enhanced with table salt, General's Pastel Chalk Pencils, Micron 01 pen and a bit of scratching with a craft blade for shine on the lake.


Thursday, August 5, 2021

Red Door, St. Augustine, Florida

 A challenge offered in a watercolor group was to paint double doors. Well, I didn't have an idea for traditional double doors. But I have been wanting to paint this iconic red gate attached to a home built in 1898. The red door opens at both the bottom and the top! At 16 Bridge Street, St. Augustine, Florida it has to be the most photographed door in St. Augustine. It is attached to The Countess Guest House.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes to paint this door. I enhanced this work using a bit of Master's Touch metallic watercolors and a Micron 01 pen.


Monday, August 2, 2021

Loose Poppies (Part 1)

 This is the first of two lessons from a tutorial by Paul Clark.

Clean water was first applied to the watercolor paper (Canson 140 lb. cold press), where a bit of an outline had already been drawn. I added in some loose brush strokes, lots of splatter, salt and the white General's Pastel Chalk Pencils and then there was almost a painting. It wasn't much of a picture until I add some detail with leaves and helped the buds. I used Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes for the painting.

I really love it!