Monday, February 22, 2021

Jellyfish and Coral Watercolor Painting

 I enjoyed combining what I learned with Sarah Cray at Let's Make Art, with Dana Fox's book, Watercolor With Me in the Ocean.

Here you see two large jellyfish from Dana's book and small jellies and coral from a tutorial by Sarah. It was such fun to play with so much color.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman tube watercolors on 140 lb. cold press Canson watercolor paper.


Monday, February 15, 2021

Toucan Floral Watercolor


Today is my 51st wedding anniversary!

I'm continuing to follow my addiction with a new bird painting. The newest member of my collection is a Toucan. He is also one of the two birds that I planned to give my husband for our anniversary. He loved the birds I gave him for Xmas.

 I drew the bird onto my watercolor paper with the help of "How to Draw Birds," by Barbara Soloff-Levy and the florals were from "Watercolor With Me in the Jungle," by Dana Fox.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes on Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine Gnome Plus More!


As I mentioned earlier this month February is my anniversary month. It is February 15th to be exact, making February's Valentine's Day very special to me. I get to celebrate all month of course!

I have fallen for the latest painting trend "Gnomes." What a cute idea to celebrate my favorite holiday. I saw two very cute ideas on Pinterest and combined the elements of both for this anniversary watercolor collage. The designs I borrowed from were "The Social Easel Online Paint Studio" and "KLM Designs."

I added cut paper hearts to the painting and wrote the cute sayings in marker. The same Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker used to outline the painted Gnome.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman tube colors on Arches paper. The colored hearts were glued on each fold using Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue.

This was such fun to work on. I appreciate that I could put something so cute together, combining elements found online to make it mine.

That first gnome was such fun that I needed to make a few more. Here's are two Artist Gnomes and one Hippy Guitar Player:



Thursday, February 11, 2021

The House that Art Built


I had a really good time painting the "Cottage Core House that Love Built." It's a watercolor tutorial with Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa.

The varied bright colors were a pleasure to paint. Cinnamon discusses each technique used in the painting and offers timely suggestions for the new or even experienced painters.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman tube watercolors on 140 lb. cold press Canson watercolor paper.


Tulips in Watercolor

I really enjoy how this painting came out. At first I tried the Let's Make Art tutorial by Sarah Cray, but it just did not work this time, for me. I couldn't get the shapes I wanted just by using my paint brush.

I turned the paper over and began again. I sketched the shapes I was looking for by what I learned on the tutorial and a photo on Pinterest. Then I followed the tutorial to paint the leaves. Using what I learned in the tutorial and photo, I painted the flowers.

I used Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes on Canson watercolor paper.

I just couldn't stop myself, it was so much fun painting the orange tulips, that I painted pink ones and purple too!



Sunday, February 7, 2021

Macaw Parrot Painting


50th wedding anniversary, St. Augustine, Florida, 2020

 I am the Guest DT Member for the month of February with 613 Avenue Create!

My anniversary is this month and I always gift my husband Sandy with a project from my studio. Since the pandemic began in March, I've gone back to an old hobby watercolor painting. Since Sandy enjoyed my bird paintings for Christmas, I decided to go all out and paint a bird incorporated into a scene.

I chose to paint a Macaw Parrot which I drew from the "How to Draw Birds," book by Barbara Soloff-Levy. I used a video by the Karen Paul Studio to work on the painting. I learned to draw and paint my leaves and flower from "Watercolor With Me in the Jungle," by Dana Fox.

I drew my design onto Canson 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. I used Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor tubes to paint this scene. I started with the parrot and gradually painted the foliage.

I know my husband Sandy will be pleased with the results.