Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Craft Studio CD-Roms a Review

Adele digi stamp (by Mo's Digital Pencil) in side a shop (My craft Studio, Setting the Scene Shop Fronts).
I have gone further into digital art than I had ever thought I would. It all started when I began looking around the internet and saw beautiful images that I could download and keep in a computer file. I love that I can use them again and again, change their size and they are cheaper than actual rubber stamps. Oh and my hands can stay clean too! So, I collected my favorites in a file on the computer and learned to print and color them and even combine them with actual rubber stamps.
I used a Tilda Magnolia rubber stamp popped up along with a background from My Craft Studio Store Fronts. The awning was cut a second time and popped up to make it look 3D.
I love to design and color scenes (kind of a throw back to my watercolor and drawing days) and recently discovered sets of CD-Roms. They are  graphic program designed for crafters. "My Craft Studio Elite," offers a great collection of wonderful images, background and more. They can be printed in both color and line (I like line so I can use my own media and make it my own). In this way my computer is helping to enhance my creativity. I have four of their titles and some day I plan to add more. Each time you put them on the computer they assimilate into the one program.

My Craft Studio, Setting the Scene, Store Fronts is the background for a popped up Santa rubber stamp from Art Impressions Stamp Company.
These 4 will keep me inspired and busy for a long long time. They are crammed with wonderful quality imagery, papers, stamps and other interesting items. With the varied content and ease of use, I'm never going to get bored again!
Digital figure  from Mo's Digital Pencil and background from My Craft Studio, Setting the Scene Christmas.
I placed a photo sketch by my husband in the My Craft Studio program and put a digital figure from Mo's Digital Pencil over it. Like the other, she is colored in pencil. Doesn't she look perfect in the photo sketch??
 I haven't seen these on sale here in the US, so mine were ordered from These are great people to work with...very helpful. Thank you Stephanie Weightman, Kirsty Shaw and Christine Green!

I just wanted to let you know, I ordered the My Craft Studio Magazine Issue #1 and #2 and each will come with a CD-Rom! I am also getting a DVD for this versatile program to learn more that I can do. I can't wait till it all gets here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Merging Digital Images

These wonderful sailor boy images are from Mo's Digital Pencil...they are set sold for $10 and so much fun to work with. These are just 3 examples of my work using colored pencils.

The two with 2 images on the card were merged in Paint.Net. It took a bit of time to work them out, but was so worth it once I was successful. I found a very helpful blog, that I recommend you check out at

 Just open a blank page in Click file then select a Jpeg. Then do the same again from layers and import from file with the second Jpeg and adjust the position relative to the first one by just clicking and dragging the image. You can adjust the size by the handles at the corners of the selected jpeg. Use the eraser from tools and erase the surrounding box of the second image. When you are happy with the whole picture save as one Jpeg.

Sounds complex when it is written, but when you have done it once it's easy. You can of course put as many Jpegs in as you wish!

After merging and saving the sailor boy and his dog, I added him to the front over Adele also an image from Mo's Digital pencil. Don't they make a sweet pair?

Now that I can do this, there will be no end to the new compositions I can make and color!
By the way, although I do forget on occasion, I try to watermark my cards.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scrapbook Pages: Spring in Florida

 I love any excuse for a family gathering! They live an hour away, but everyone one is so busy!
So the Easter egg hunt was at my house and my two adorable grandchildren were here. We had a nice Chinese take out lunch and then everyone went home, it just seemed to happen so fast. My son had to work that night. It was a great watching the kids and we got some very nice pictures.
Next weekend will be another opportunity for pictures and new scrapbook pages!